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Chess - it's a game of strategy involving calculated moves, quick thinking, and epic battles of the mind. The game is further complicated in tournaments where players add chess clocks to keep track of time and challenge other chess masters at different tables. They compete for not only a gold medal but also the satisfaction that they are strategic geniuses. For centuries, people have made playing chess part of their family traditions. It's not just a geeky hobby. It's a great pastime shared amongst several world cultures, from the Greeks to the Chinese. It's one of the best-selling board games in the world. There is no game like chess. Checkers, cards, and other board games cannot rival it. Your chessboard should be as magnificent as the game itself. Get yourself a new lovely polished marble chess board with equally distinguished chess pieces. The board is comparable to a cheese board with swirling and looping marble designs. We use raw marbles to craft our handmade chess boards, so the colors may vary. You'll find bright whites, simple browns, stunning oranges, and vibrant reds in your chess set. No board or board piece is alike! This unique chess board is the perfect present for chess enthusiasts. Gift it to a chess lover in your life. They'll much prefer it over a wooden chess board, which can splinter, wear, and break easily. Get a grand marble chess board from Otomi. At Otomi, we are a seller that strives to create quality products. We use only the finest marble to create our marble products. Everything is handmade or hand-machined. We do not mass produce at Otomi, so you can expect each product for sale to be unique. When shopping with Otomi, we guarantee 100% satisfaction with every purchase.

Product Features

UNIQUE DESIGNS ON EACH PIECE: Each chess piece is made with only the finest marble. Observe graceful swirls and mosaic interlocking patterns to create a traditional checkerboard design. Our deluxe chess sets are handmade from raw materials, so they will vary in color. You'll notice snow whites, rustic browns, bright oranges, and rich reds in your chess pieces. VERSATILE USE: This chess board can be used in any setting or circumstance. Its aesthetic design and total functionality are adequate for both decorative purposes and gameplay. Use it as decor to spruce up a table display. Put it to a more practical use by teaching your kids how to play chess on it. If you're a chess aficionado, use it in a chess tournament. CONVENIENT 16-INCH BOARD: Our chess boards come in a fitting 16-inch size. They're large enough to be eye-catching, but small enough for storage and travel. Display the majestic pawn pieces and marble board in your family room or store it in the game cabinet with the cards and other board games. Whatever you choose to do with it, it's sure to become a family heirloom or precious antique! GREAT GIFTS FOR CHESS ENTHUSIASTS: Strategy puzzles require a gifted mind. For centuries, adults have tried to perfect their skill at this challenging game. Chess may be complex, but this chessboard is an easy present for chess geeks! It's perfect for men or women who love the game. Give the chess lover in your life the best gift: a gorgeous marble chess set. ABOUT Otomi: At Otomi, we strive to deliver top-rated, quality marble products. You'll find that marble chess boards are classier and stronger in some cases than traditional chess boards made of wood, glass, metal, stones, or granite rocks. Our tasteful marble chess boards will delight your friends and family. You'll turn heads with our quality products!

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